A growing collection of interactive learnr tutorials for making African maps.

Online tutorials :

tutorial name outline recommended order
intro-to-spatial-r an introduction to spatial data in R 1
get-my-data-in getting your own spatial data into R 2
join-admin dealing with data referenced by names rather than coordinates 3
afrilearnr-crash-course gallery of plots & code with minimal explanation 4
proposed :    
colour-my-map changing map colours in different map packages  
data-manipulation manipulating your data to allow making different maps  
map-my-study-area making a simple map to show where a study area is  

If you would like to suggest a tutorial for this collection, or contribute one, please get in touch.

The tutorials are saved as a package that can also be installed and run locally in RStudio.

Getting started

  1. Install the package from GitHub from the R console.
# install.packages("remotes") # if not already installed
  1. Load the package
  1. In RStudio Click on the Tutorial tab at the top right, choose an afrilearnr tutorial, and click Start Tutorial ?

Alternatively you can start a tutorial by name from the R console :

learnr::run_tutorial("join-admin", "afrilearnr")